Ohio Players - Observations in Time (Vinyle)

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Les OHIO PLAYERS, anciennement Ohio Untouchables, ont brillé avec ‘Fire’ et ‘Love Rollercoaster’. Leur collaboration précoce avec Johnny Brantley a façonné leur son distinctif. Cette compilation deux disques réunit, pour la première fois, toutes leurs productions avec singles, album Observations In Time, morceaux rares et enregistrements inédits. De ‘Trespassin’’ à ‘Love Slips Through My Fingers’, leur ascension fulgurante dans les années 70 trouve ses racines dans leur son unique des années 60.


OHIO PLAYERS, originally Ohio Untouchables, achieved fame with hits like ‘Fire’ and ‘Love Rollercoaster’, but it was their early work with producer Johnny Brantley that set their unique 'sound'. This exclusive two-disc set gathers all Brantley productions for the first time, including singles, the full Observations In Time album, rare tracks, and unreleased recordings. Hits like ‘Trespassin’’ and 'Love Slips Through My Fingers' highlight their soulful journey, while their cover of ‘Mother-In-Law’ led to the hit ‘Funky Worm’. Their success skyrocketed in the 70s, rooted in the distinctive sound they crafted in the late 60s.



Face A
1. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
2. Mother-In-Law
3. Stop Lying To Yourself
4. Over The Rainbow
5. Find Someone To Love
6. Cold, Cold World

Face B
1. Summertime
2. Bad Bargain
3. The Man I Am
4. Lonely Street
5. Street Party

Face C
1. A Little Soul Party
2. A Thing Called Love
3. Neighbors
4. Tell Me Why
5. You Don’t Mean It
6. Trespassin’

Face D
1. I’ve Got To Hold On
2. It’s A Crying Shame
3. Alabama Soupbone - Parts 1 & 2
4. I Gotta Get Away
5. Love Slipped Through My Fingers
6. Lonely Streets At Midnight


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